Our goal with these rankings is to give potential MBA candidates access to ample, comprehensive information so they can make an informed decision about the online MBA program they choose to pursue. Like any lists, ours are imperfect and therefore open for debate. There is no single opinion that trumps all when it comes to which school is the “best”. Ultimately every MBA candidate has different needs regarding the type and academic rigor of an MBA program, school culture, as well as cost, lifestyle, and career track considerations. Our hope is that our rankings are a starting point for MBA candidates to discover the schools that are the best fit for them and that the rankings not be used as a deciding factor in choosing a program.

We evaluated over 400 US-based online MBA programs for our rankings and gathered our information in three ways:

  1. School Surveys - We surveyed schools offering online MBA programs asking them about their program as well as their input as to which schools they view as the “best”.
  2. Publicly available information on each school’s web site.
  3. Other reputable publications (US News, Princeton Review, etc).

The criteria we used in making this list consists, in no particular order, of the following:

  • Academic reputation of a given school's online MBA program as well as its campus-based MBA program, if available. 
  • Value as it relates to tuition and indebtedness. 
  • Relative MBA program enrollment numbers. 
  • Admissions selectivity.
  • Program quality and rigor.