About Us

Who is OnlineMBAReport?
We launched the site in late 2013 with the goal to be the most comprehensive source of information for professionals seeking their MBA online. On average the site generates roughly 25,000 user sessions per month, primarily derived from organic search. 

What is the ranking criteria for our lists?
Our ranking criteria can be found here.   

Why do we publish these rankings?
Our goal with Online MBA Report is to organize all online MBA programs so that prospective students have insight into the many different types of programs available to them. Our rankings are intended to serve as a starting point for prospective online b-school students to identify the most appropriate programs for them. We endeavor to organize an otherwise unorganized and underserved slice of academia so that online b-school students have ample information to kickstart their MBA program search. Simply put, the world of online MBA programs is too big, complex and meaningful for students to NOT have better insight into the many programs and types of programs available to them.  

Aren't rankings like these inherently subjective and therefore flawed?
Yes, all lists like these are subjective as no two schools can be compared on a pure apples to apples basis. Also no two students have academic needs that can be compared on an apples to apples basis. This is why, in every list we publish, we will emphasize to the reader that these lists should be used as a starting point to identify appropriate schools and programs and that the rankings should not be a final, determining factor in choosing a school. 

Why should my school participate in your survey?
Our goal is to provide young professionals with the most accurate information as possible so that they have a solid starting point for identifying the schools and programs that are the best for them. Our feeling is that every online MBA program in the US should want to be as well represented as possible.   

What if we still don't want to, or aren't able to, participate?
That is fine. There is no requirement that a school participate in the survey as part of the ranking process. In lieu of a given school's direct participation, we will endeavor to obtain the information from reputable, publicly available sources, to the extent we can.   

Who in my department should complete this survey on behalf of our school's program?
That is entirely up to each program's department head. We do ask that each program only submit one survey.